About Us

Did your Fraternity interest end on graduation day … or was it just beginning?

The Alumni in the Chicago area support the tenet of “once a Kappa Sigma, find always a Kappa Sigma” and would like to welcome you to the official website of the Chicago Area Kappa Sigma Alumni Chapter.

Brotherhood for life is the simple truth that has prevailed in the hearts and minds of Kappa Sigma brothers since the day of our founding. Without the dedication and support that is inherent in a thorough understanding and commitment to that principle, seek Kappa Sigma would not be the great international fraternity it is today.

This website was created to support, treat coordinate and provide a bridge between our hectic lives and our chapter’s activities. Whether you are an active alumni or simply want to “check out” what is going on, this site will be able to provide you with the appropriate information.

How To Get Involved:

  1. Join our Mailing List to receive details about future events, our newsletter, and connect with local brothers; There is no cost to attend events
  2. Update your contact information with the chapter
  3. Look for upcoming events and add them to your calendar; Please feel free to suggest others
  4. Visit our links section for brother owned and/or operated companies to patronizeGreat place to start if you are new to Chicago or looking to connect to brothers outside of Chapter activities.
  5. Join our Facebook group for private events, frequent updates, and to connect with brothers online.